Learned Lesson…

Learned Lesson…

You hold on for so long, to the person that did you so wrong. the love was so strong, now that he’s so gone; I guess its so long. 

My heart screaming ‘hold on…you promised!’

Memories in my brain won’t erase,

trying to refrain from letting tears fall from my face.

Tough skin but a soft heart

I’d rather you throw stones at me than say ‘I love you’ 

When I love, I love hard. No one comes above you. 

That night plays over and over again in my head.

Making sure I do everything except get in bed.

I know what my dreams will be, 

you and me how we used to be. 

Saying ‘used to be’ has no use for me…now. 

I have to say goodbye to what I thought was my forever. 

Putting my faith in God trusting he’ll give me better. 

We have eyes in the front of our heads for a reason, no looking back. 

You did the unthinkable.

I gotta get my life back on track. 

With an already bruised heart I loaded your clip,

placed the gun in your hands made sure it wouldn’t slip. 

I stood directly in front of you blindfolded, head held high.

Putting all of my trust in you, I mean why shouldn’t I??

Let you aim square at my heart and you…emptied that shit. 

Til this day that’s something I’ll never get. 

17 shots with a grin on your face

A disgrace 

I’m someone you can never replace

A real man would have strapped me with a vest,

protecting my chest.

So even if his finger did slip, my heart couldn’t get hit.

But, God blessed me after you left me there lifeless. 

He gave me something called tomorrow,

my smiles wouldn’t mean as much if it wasn’t for all my pain and sorrow.

Yes, I could have done a lot of things to get back at you.

But what would that do??

Only make me a victim of the shit you put me through. 


I got back up, adjusted my crown and chose to walk in my purpose. 

Letting young girls know to be selective with their love

Until the right man deserves it.

You’re worth it!!

Even knowing how toxic you were,

getting over you was something I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do.

But you showed me that I Needed to,

cause I have some work to do 

for the generation after me, 

so from the bottom of my heart

I just wanna say Thank You!! Lesson Learned! 

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